How to Prep Your Lips – So They Look Fab Under Lipstick

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How to Prep Your Lips – So They Look Fab Under Lipstick

Think devouring a sandwich is the top culprit for ruined lipstick? Think again—it’s dry, flaky lips!

Sure, you could exfoliate and use lip balm and call it a day. Or, you can nab pillowy-soft, plumped-up perfect lips using these five holistic tips. Here’s how to pamper your pout for a soft, sexy, supple look, even under the boldest lipstick.

1. You Are What You Eat

Your lips, like the majority of the body, are a reflection on the outside of what you put inside it.

Eat a lip-friendly diet, rich in produce and nutrients. Include vitamins B and E (deficiency in these can trigger dry lips), whole grains, dark leafy greens, almonds and sunflower seeds. Limit salty, spicy and acidic foods which cause irritation and/or dryness.

2. Hydration Is Key

The skin on lips is super-thin and sensitive, making it prone to dehydration-related dryness and redness that even the glossiest lip products won’t cover. By now you know that drinking plenty of water is key to maintaining a healthy, balanced body. Drinking plenty of H2O is equally as important for your precious pucker! Lips are similar to a sponge. They absorb water and plump when moisturized and dry out/shrink when dehydrated.


Bonus points if you avoid licking your lips; enzymes in saliva can make lips all the more sensitive and even drier.

3. Protect From Damage

Use balms with hydrating ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil, Vitamin E or honey. When exposing lips to the elements, choose one with SPF to shield sensitive lips from sun damage. Oral hygiene is your next line of defense: Brush with a toothpaste free of SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) . The chemical can trigger or irritate existing sensitivies or allergies, is drying and can cause flaky, chapped lips. Carmex lip balm is my favourite!!


4. Think Outside the Exfoliation Box

Ditch the same old toothbrush and exfoliating routine! Instead, be a kitchen beautician and pair a DIY natural scrub with a cleansing brush designed specifically for lips, such as the Clarisonic Lip Cleansing kit, which includes a radiance brush head for soft, smooth, primed lips. Whip up a natural ingredient mix of sugar (which acts as the exfoliant) and honey (maintains and retains moisture) to gently scrub lips, eliminating any flaky or dull skin.


5. Choose Color and Consistency Strategically

If your lips are parched (and you’re still in the process of turning those raisin lips into grapes), stick with glossy or shimmery shades, which help conceal residual dryness thanks to their light-reflecting properties. (Matte, dark hues will emphasize flakes.) After exfolating lips, prime them for color with a moisturizing balm. Softly smudge the border of lips first–the diffused finish boosts dimension for fullness. Voila!


Notes On Blemishes 1-5

How To Fall In Love With Your Skin In Three Simple Step 1 of 5

The struggle started when I lost my beautiful Mummabear. My beautiful mum got diagnosed with last stage ovarian cancer, and just the thought of losing her really scared me and I had no idea how to overcome the constant thought of losing her…

Doctors told me that she had only 7 months to live and that was the moment when I experienced a bit of life being snatched away from me. Being the baby of the house and my Mother’s favourite girl I couldn’t accept the fact that I was about to lose the woman who loved and cared for me the most.

The year  2007 really took its toll on my family and myself, and when the pain was just emotional, it unfortunately, caused physical damage to my skin. As a child, I had never endured the suffering of teenage acne but because of the unbearable pain I was enduring at the time of my Mother’s final months, I broke out in the worst cystic acne on my jawline! That’s when the most unexpected thing happened in my life.



So exactly 7 months later my mum was not with me and my skin was not to it’s best, jawline had all  cystic acne was working for food industry wasn’t the best place to have this skin people will talk not looking at my eyes but my breakouts saying why don’t you do something about it, you are entering the skin industry and look at your skin.

“Blemishes and clogged pores – especially those that appear around the chin, jawline and lower face – can commonly be caused by an influx of hormones. You will typically see these blemishes worsen the week before your period. This is when oestrogen levels drop, and testosterone and progesterone levels rise. This in turn causes increased oil production and restricted pores in the skin. The end result is blemishes, bumps, blackheads and milia”



Hormonal acne may also indicate deeper health concerns such as stress, excessive androgen or menopause.


So the search began how to get this skin better little I know what was causing my skin irritation couldn’t sleep because was missing my mum and used to watch TV a lot so I came across Proactive wow thought all this celebrities use his product so it will be perfect, I ordered some  and started using it to cure my cystic acne!!!

My Angel mum before she left me she knew that I had  a potential to enter the beauty industry so I started my beauty course and while I  was trying to fix my skin I was in the college and doing my assignment on cleanser so I chose my cleanser and what I found was horrible.

Note Choosing right diet ,products,exercise is very important too.



Stay tune tomorrow for Tip # 2 to how to look after those blemishes!


The Top Skincare Sins To Avoid

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If there’s a time of year when you just want to get up and go, it’s summer. Effortless hair and makeup… it’s the time when many of us opt for minimal work and maximum fun. Though we’re preaching to the choir, taking care of your skin paves way for flawless makeup application no matter how light or how bold you decide to go. As the mercury rises, make sure you avoid these three skincare sins before you put on your beach hat and frolic by the sea!

Not Changing Moisturizers

Especially if you’re a creature of habit, you might simply roll over your winter skincare regimen into the spring and summer seasons. Everyone’s skin is unique, but for most people keeping a heavier product to take care of parched winter skin isn’t a good idea when your skin is sweltering from the heat in the summer. Richer moisturizers can weigh down the skin in hot weather, which is why moisturizer is the most important thing to update for the sunny season.

Our skin begins to create more sebum in hot weather—because of this, it’s important to keep what we put on our skin lightweight. We recommend switching to a moisturizer with a water-based gel or lightweight lotion formulation instead of a cream.

Sun Protection

Since the sun is blazing, you’re probably patting yourself on the back (figuratively) with sunscreen (literally). But are you sure you’re using enough? More often than not, we don’t apply sufficient amounts of sunscreen. For instance, on, dermatologist recommends using about a nickel-sized amount of sunscreen on the face. Chances are, if you’re using moisturizer with built-in SPF or a separate product, you’re using less (we get it—gooping on sunscreen isn’t the most pleasant feeling). On top of that, you also need to repeatedly apply if you’re outdoors for a prolonged period of time, especially during peak hours.

One more thing: you kind of need sunscreen (Doctor Babor Repair balm) all the time, even if you’re just driving to your indoor destination. Sunlight that streams through glass is just as damaging as direct sunlight.


Overworking the Skin

Don’t be too rough on your skin. It is the most delicate organ of the body but the one we tend to overwork the most, especially as we battle sweat and clogged pores during the summer. As tempting as it may be, stay away from roughly textured exfoliants, which can cause sensitivity and irritation on top of all that extra sun exposure. A deep-cleaning pore face mask is great for pulling out the toxins and dirt from the skin but just as with exfoliants, use masks only once or a couple of times per week, depending on the strength of your skin. Professional advice and treatment is better then DIY sometimes Vibrant Skin Spa Facial  


Pre Wedding Tips:)

Every bride is the star of her wedding.

Months are spent on deciding the wedding date, the invitation lists, and the decorations. The thoughts of her clothing and accessories consume the bride’s every waking moment. In the midst of all the planning and organizing, the bride forgets the most important thing to take care of – herself.

We bring to you the top pre-wedding beauty tips for brides-to-be, which may turn out be lifesavers in the middle of all the wedding chaos. Have a look!

Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips For Brides

  1. CTM

Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing should regularly be done without fail. This will keep your skin glowing and youthful. A clean and dirt-free face will help keep your pores open. This will help your skin to breathe better. Follow up with toning that will help tighten the pores. Toning also reduces fine lines to some extent. Lastly, moisturizing the face helps lock in the moisture into the pores, keeping your skin soft and supple. Also, make sure that you apply sunscreen diligently.

  1. Exfoliation

Exfoliation is one of the best ways of getting skin that is free from dead cells and blackheads. Make sure that you exfoliate your skin before using a face wash two or three times a week. Use a mild face wash. A harsh one can irritate the skin and give you rashes.

  1. Facial and Hair Spa

Start getting monthly facials from at least six months before the wedding. If you have less time left in hand, opt for a bi-weekly Doctor Babor facial. Always ask for a patch test before applying any new products on your skin.

For healthy and shiny looking hair, start getting a hair spa done once a month and like the facials, start this treatment at least six months before the wedding. If you do not prefer chemical hair spas, there are many homemade masks that you can use to get some shine in your hair.

  1. Clinical Sittings and Homemade Treatments

If you have too many marks or spots on the skin, then clinical sittings will be your gateway to getting a fairer and spot-free skin quickly. Opt for professional treatments for patchy skin, sunburns, and pigmentation. Microdermabrasion & Skin Needling treatments from professional aestheticians is also a good fix for scars and blemishes. Start your treatments at least six months before the wedding for fine lines, wrinkles, or even acne.

After the required number of sittings, use our Babor skin care to maintain your professional treatments plus our ampoules to maintain the healthy glow.

  1. Beautiful Hands and Feet

Keep your hands and feet soft by massaging olive oil on them before going to sleep at night. This will get rid of the dry skin on your hands and feet. During bathing, make sure that you use a pumice stone on your feet.

Polished nails of both hands and feet give an added appeal to your look. You must certainly maintain clean and polished nails through bi-weekly or monthly manicures and pedicures.

Keep yourself well groomed. This applies to your legs and hands from which you usually remove hair. Keep your eyebrows in shape. Sudden hair removal of any part of the body can give you small cuts or rashes. Whichever process you use for hair removal, maintain that bi-weekly or monthly, as per the requirement.

  1. Gym

Avoid crash dieting or aggressive gym schedules 1-2 months before the wedding. It can make you look really tired and crabby. For a toned figure, consult a dietitian and a personal trainer. Start working out at least four months prior to the wedding to achieve effective weight loss, especially in problem areas like tummy and thighs.

  1. Meditate

An effective way to reduce stress and take some me time out is by meditating for at least 15 minutes a day. You will definitely feel calmer.

Try and think positive thoughts. Think about the happy times when this chaotic period will have passed. You will feel serene, and the wedding will feel like a breeze. Inner peace will lead to better wedding snaps too. Trust us!

  1. Diet

You must drink enough water to keep your body toxin-free. Aim for at least 8-10 glasses of water. Opt for coconut water or lime water to shed the bloat. Eat a balanced diet consisting of fruits, green vegetables, and protein.

Avoid munching on junks like chips, chocolates, ice creams, or sodas. They lead to bloating and skin problems. It’s ok to have a few cheats days, but keep them in check. Opt for healthy and nutritious snacks like fruits and sprouts.

It is essential to provide the body with antioxidants and minerals in order to have healthy and glowing skin. Lack of vitamins or minerals leads to nail and hair breakage and sallow appearance of the skin. For flawless skin, consult your doctor or dietitian to fill any nutritional gaps.

You can also download calorie journals to keep a track of your water and food intake.

  1. Sleep

Sleep is absolutely must before the wedding. Lack of sleep can give you dark circles. A polished skin, but with dark circles under the eyes, will definitely not look good on your wedding day. So, we advise you to sleep at least for 8-10 hours a day.

  1. Spa and Massage

This is not absolutely necessary but if you want to take some time off from the wedding stress, then you can visit any reputed spa and get a massage.

  1. Maintaining the Glow

Many of us give up on our beauty schedules post the wedding. Here is a question for you – why should you put a time frame on looking gorgeous? You needn’t be at the treatment lounge as often, but you don’t have to stop entirely either.

After all, everyone deserves a little ‘me time’. You can opt for simple home remedies to aid you in the process of maintaining that ‘new bride glow’.

Some other important suggestions include:

  • Try to avoid using an untried facial product on the day of the wedding.
  • Do not tweeze your brows on the wedding day.
  • Do not skip meals.

If you follow these simple tips, you will surely feel beautiful inside and out. You will look and feel like a million bucks. Our ultimate advice would be that you should try to stay happy, because after all, how we feel inside is what reflects outside.




Hope you liked reading this post. Do leave us your feedback!

Love Feriel xx


Notes of Exfoliation

Notes on Exfoliation

Regular exfoliation is essential to good skin health and a radiant complexion.

As we age, our cell turnover slows down. This results in a build-up of dead skin cells that can result in a dull, lackluster complexion. Not only this, it can also cause congestion and blemishes. Try incorporating an exfoliant into your regime two to three times per week.

Be it a physical scrub, an AHA peel, exfoliating lotion or an enzyme mask, choose one to suit your skin type. I love to exfoliate after my evening cleanses every second night to slough away build up, keep my skin looking fresh and ensure my serums and hydrators penetrate deep into my skin.

For a serious exfoliation clinical Abralase laser peel treatments to polish, deep clean, exfoliate, refine skin texture and promote collagen production.

Feriel x



A STORY ABOUT Extractions

Whilst treating the lovely @becmcmillan recently, the topic of extractions came up. Bec asked me to extract a few blackheads, I said no!
Now, I love the beauty old-school. Mine is a profession with amazing depth of heritage and knowledge.

But for this request, my ‘No’ was firm.

The reason being, I don’t believe that the method of steam and squeeze is good for the skin. I admit this old school practice can be incredibly satisfying. It provides instant results and can be very gratifying. However, we’ve now learned that this method can cause many side effects including infection, inflammation, pigmentation, large pores and even scarring. It can be especially risky for those of us with darker skin.

I’ve seen and had to treat these side effects many, many times. So, what to do instead?

For regular day to day care, try using a cleanser with salicylic acid or lactic acid, ensure that you exfoliate two to three times per week and go easy on oil-based makeup and rich, heavy skin care. Use a retinol or AHA serum at night and always cleanse your makeup off before bed. It’s also important to change your pillowcase regularly and clean your mobile phone with an antibacterial wipe at least once per week.

For professional treatments try a deep cleanse via ultrasound, this is also known as sonopheresis. It works by loosening dirt, oil and debris on the skin and coaxing it gently out of the pores. Microdermabrasion and gentle peels are great for black heads and congestion. For stubborn whiteheads, an opening need to be created with a sterile, fine gauge needle or lancet and then drawn out with, ultrasound an extraction fluid or mask. Continue reading “A STORY ABOUT Extractions”